9 fun facts about dogs noses

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Dogs can smell continuously, even as they breathe in and out.

Dogs' sense of smell is between 10,000 and 100,000 times stronger than humans

Dogs can wiggle their nostrils independently, which allows them to determine which direction a scent is coming from. Humans can only wriggle their nostrils together.

Dogs are excellent at understanding all information received through their noses in exact detail.

Dogs can not only recognize human remains, but they can also sniff out cremated remains among the ashes.

Dogs can smell separately through each nostril (or "nare"), resulting in "3-D" or "stereo" smell.

Dogs have a unique organ that provides an important "second" sense of smell.

Finally, a dog's nose has the extraordinary ability to detect human emotions! They can detect happiness, fear, anxiety, stress, perspiration, and adrenaline.

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